Team Leader – Mihail Dimovski – Economics and Environmental Protection Expert

Mr Dimovski has more than 19 years of experience in environmental policy focused on assisting South-East European countries with the EU accession process, transposition and implementation of the EU environmental acquis, cross-border and regional cooperation. He is an experienced team leader and project manager, particularly for multinational environmental projects and programmes dealing with the EU enlargement process (recently led the ECRAN project). He also has deep knowledge of needed reforms and EU environmental acquis compliance requirements where EU candidate countries and potential candidates are concerned. Furthermore, he has extensive experience in developing and delivering training programmes and other capacity-building activities related to transposition and implementation of EU environmental and climate acquis. His substantial experience in capacity building and institutional strengthening projects related to the EU approximation process in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Turkey will be valuable assets to the project, along with his extensive knowledge of the EU PRAG, particularly financial and procurement procedures.

Key Expert 2 – Justin Goodwin – Expert on greenhouse gases (GHG) monitoring and reporting

Director and Principal environmental consultant of Aether Ltd for almost eight years, Mr Goodwin has over 20 years of experience in greenhouse gas and other air emissions inventories, national and international MRV delivery and negotiations and EU MMR He has developed the UK inventory estimation methodologies and systems, internet data warehouse, GIS methods, projection models and scenario tools as well as QA/QC, management systems and reporting functions. Internationally, he serves on the UNFCCC’s roster of experts and has led reviews for UNFCCC Protocol inventories for over ten countries and participated in various Lead Reviewer Meetings and MRV workshops. He also has vast experience in supporting Western Balkan countries and Turkey on the implementation of the UNFCCC requirements, designing and delivering training and workshops on UNFCCC reporting and review process as well as on IPCC inventory and EU MMR (e.g. led the ECRAN-Clima Working Group 2). Supported alignment of national policies and strategies in Pre-Accession countries with the EU environment and climate acquis and EU enlargement process in general.

Key Expert 3 – Monique Voogt – Expert on Emission Trading Systems (ETS)

Managing Director of SQ Consult for more than eight years and over 20 years of professional experience in the fields of energy, environment and climate policy, regulation and markets, including research, consultancy and technical assistance, including in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy, emissions trading, GHG monitoring and reporting. Vast experience in supporting the design and implementation of energy and climate policies, including the development of legislative frameworks, technical assistance and design/implementation of the policy framework. Extensive experience in multi-country technical assistance and capacity building projects in the Western Balkans and Turkey through which she supported the EU enlargement process in the region (Led the ECRAN working group on Emission Trading). The Expert poses extensive experience in supporting design and implementation of the EU ETS for the EC DG Clima and various national governments/agencies. Very familiar with EU Energy Efficiency Directive and EU environment and climate acquis, including leading the team to support the EC in formulating the Energy Efficiency Directive. She also has extensive experience in drafting technical reports and policy papers, including the drafting of energy and climate policy regulation. Her vast experience in liaising with public (including regulatory) authorities at the local, regional and national level, energy/ environment Ministries as well as their implementing (regulatory) agencies and ETS operators, verifiers and CSOs will also be valuable for the project. Furthermore, with extensive experience in the organisation of model training, workshops, and capacity building activities on EU ETS implementation, monitoring, reporting and verification of GHG emissions as well as excellent reporting, communication and presentation skills, she is the third member of the Key Experts team.


The Technical assistance towards the implementation of the new Paris Climate Agreement done with the Western Balkans, Turkey and the EU project is supported by a Consortium which builds on the collective strengths and experiences of each of the partners; capitalises on the excellent track record and abilities of our Technical Assistance Team (TAT); and is ably supported by our experienced and effective Project Support Services team.

Human Dynamics EUROAID CONTRACTOR Human Dynamics Prize

Hulla & Co. Human Dynamics KG (AT)

Human Dynamics is a leading provider of premium consulting services, using its extensive knowledge and experience of Public Sector Clients’ operations, effective project cycle and change management practices. The company has been providing top quality consultancy and training services to the public sector, thereby rapidly becoming a leading contractor of executing technical assistance projects in emerging markets. It is characterised by its innovative and customised solutions, in order to achieve sustainable results of the highest quality, by demonstrating teams that are dedicated to the highest performance. Human Dynamics commitment to excellence in public sector consulting was underlined by it being awarded the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Export Prize 2011

The Regional Environmental Centre

The Regional Environmental Centre

The Regional Environmental Centre has been successfully delivering services in addressing environmental and climate issues in the region of Central and Eastern Europe for more than 25 years. Over the last ten years, the REC has successfully implemented over 1,000 projects with the total budget exceeding EUR 130 million. With around 150 experienced professionals the REC focuses on the following areas: climate change and clean energy; environmental education and tools; environmental financing and management; sustainable production and consumption; smart cities and mobility; health and environment; law development, enforcement and compliance; local and participatory governance; biodiversity and ecosystem services; water management. The extensive experience and proven track record of REC in its focus areas allow partners to enjoy the benefits of specialisation, shared knowledge and economies of scale.



Aether provides consultancy in air quality and climate change emissions inventories, forecasting and policy analysis. We work with local and national Governments and organisations from developed and developing countries.



Klimapolitika Climate Policy Consultancy Ltd. is a team of climate policy professionals with many years of national, European and international policy experience. The aim of our company is to provide specialised advice, carry out research and develop policies in the field of climate change. Our clients are businesses, governments and intergovernmental organisations.

SQ Consult

SQ Consult

SQ Consult is a consultancy company composed of acknowledged international experts in the areas of climate and energy policies, energy and carbon markets, sustainable consumption and production. The company is supporting developing countries including Western Balkan and Turkey on development of national environment and climate policies, implementation of the EU ETS requirements, EU Monitoring and Reporting, and Accreditation and Verification Regulations, etc.


Project Director – Nadya Boneva

Project Director, Nadya Boneva holds a Master’s Degree in Heat and Mass Exchange Engineering and Environmental Monitoring, Control and Health. Throughout her career, she has worked in the environmental area with the Government, International organisations, NGO’s and private sector businesses. Currently, Nadya manages a portfolio of projects totalling more than 12 million Euros in Belarus, Ukraine, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Israel and Lebanon. As Project Director she is expected to assist the Team Leader and the implementation team, where necessary, and allow them to concentrate on content-related work. The Project Director also consults with the Team Leader and experts regarding changes in the adopted approach and plan and risk management. As Project Director she:

  • Co-ordinates project administration from Human Dynamics Sofia, Bulgaria office;
  • Assures appropriate reporting to the Contracting Authority in line with the European Commission reporting guidelines and requirements;
  • Serves as the senior representative of the consortium regarding contractual and project matters, and she attends relevant meetings;
  • Ensures proper administrative control maintained over project expenses, prepares invoices and the supporting documentation, and assures timely delivery of reports; and
  • Coordinates matters with Consortium partners.